Welcome to Holy Apostles!

We are an Eastern Orthodox church in Vancouver, WA.
We invite you to join us for worship and fellowship!

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Quote of the day

What grandeur is the Divine Liturgy! When God looks upon His humble minister, how much does he feel the majesty of the Liturgy; how much do those who are commemorated profit! How much does God honor man, to descend with the angelic orders in every Liturgy and to nourish man with His all-holy Body and Blood!

— Elder Ephraim of Philotheou Mount Athos

Eight newly illumined!

On August 28 (Feast of the Dormition), eight people have been baptised and chrismated at Holy Apostles! For a small parish this is not a small event! May God grant many years to the newly illumined! See the pictures.

Bishop Benjamin visits Holy Apostles!

His Grace Bishop Benjamin visited our parish at the new location on March 27th, 2011. See the pictures in the gallery.

Nativity Party 2011

See the pictures of the Nativity Play and White Elephant gift exchange.

Theophany 2011

Blessing of the waters in the Columbia followed by a breakfast/lunch. See the pictures!

Baptism of Barnabas Boissonneault

New photos in the gallery!

Pascha 2010

Pascha celebration pictures.

Holy Friday and Holy Saturday 2010

Holy Friday and Holy Saturday pictures.

Holy Thursday 2010

Pictures from the Divine Liturgy with foot washing.

Palm Sunday 2010

Palm Sunday celebration photos are here!

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