Welcome to Holy Apostles!

We are an Eastern Orthodox church in Vancouver, WA.
We invite you to join us for worship and fellowship!

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Quote of the day

What grandeur is the Divine Liturgy! When God looks upon His humble minister, how much does he feel the majesty of the Liturgy; how much do those who are commemorated profit! How much does God honor man, to descend with the angelic orders in every Liturgy and to nourish man with His all-holy Body and Blood!

— Elder Ephraim of Philotheou Mount Athos

Our new place of worship

Click on the thumbnail to see pictures from a Divine Liturgy at our new location in Vancouver, WA.

2009 Pledge

Dear Parish Members,

The time is at hand for us to plan the parish budget for 2009. In the budget process we rely on the pledges that you submit to plan for the upcoming year. With this in mind, please print and fill out this form and return it to us.

Baptism of Benjamin John Perez

Congratulations to Father Dimitri and Matushka Mary on both arrival and baptism of their first child Benjamin! See pictures in the gallery.

Baptism of Sophia Meinhardt

Congratulations to the Meinhardt family on the baptism of their baby Sophia! See pictures in the photo gallery.

Holy Apostles picnic photos

Enjoy the pictures from the annual Holy Apostles picnic and BBQ! Oh what a day it was! There was enough sun, water and fun for everybody!

Holy Week and Pascha photos

Many Holy Week and Paschal photos have been posted in the photo gallery. Enjoy!

Christ is Risen!

Palm Sunday BBQ pictures

Click on the thumbnail to see the pictures from the Palm Sunday fish BBQ.

Pascha Basket

Following the Resurrection Matins and Liturgy it is traditional in many Orthodox Churches to bring a Pascha Basket. As we did last year, please bring your own Pascha Basket filled with whatever you would like to eat.

After the service, we will all gather at the Perez's, where the baskets have been placed before the service, and Fr. Dimitri will bless the baskets. (You may drop off your basket before the service at the Perez's or keep it in your car). After the blessing, we will all sit down together and eat what is in our baskets, breaking the fast together.

Baptism of Sebastiana Ivkin

Another baby got baptized at Holy Apostles! Welcome the newly illumined Sebastiana Ivkin and "Mnogaya Leta" to her whole family!

Baptism of Peter Dingman

Congratulations to the Dingmans for the baptism of their youngest son Peter!
See the pictures!

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