Pascha Basket

Following the Resurrection Matins and Liturgy it is traditional in many Orthodox Churches to bring a Pascha Basket. As we did last year, please bring your own Pascha Basket filled with whatever you would like to eat.

After the service, we will all gather at the Perez's, where the baskets have been placed before the service, and Fr. Dimitri will bless the baskets. (You may drop off your basket before the service at the Perez's or keep it in your car). After the blessing, we will all sit down together and eat what is in our baskets, breaking the fast together.

As a reminder, traditional items for your basket may include Pascha or Kulich, cheeses, various meats, eggs, chocolate milk, or even Pepperoni Pizza! It is nice also to share what you have in your baskets with others. Plates and silverware will be provided.

Click here to download instructions for assembling a traditional Pascha Basket (courtesy of St. Nicholas Church of San Anselmo, CA)